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Beyond entertainment was founded in 2014 and is in charge of Q305751. Since its inception has been to provide users with the latest beyond the game dynamics, and registration, login, agent and other things to consult.

Beyond the entertainment company’s quality as the cornerstone of development, through process control, professional division of labor, quality management and other operations, to provide customers with comprehensive, accurate, high-quality, fast translation services. In the business process, we believe in professional, honest and fast business philosophy. Our customers will not only feel our honest business attitude, but also feel our honest professional service in the process of accepting our service. We adhere to the business philosophy of credit first and devote ourselves to cultural globalization. Over the years, we have succeeded in helping international well-known enterprises, institutions and organizations overcome various linguistic and cultural barriers in the global business field and make their business cooperation all over the world closer. Beyond entertainment companies, they have successfully participated in the implementation of the global strategy of many large multinational companies. And to transcend the language – cross-cultural translation, and customers work hand in hand to create brilliant!
超越娱乐公司拥有一支系统化、专业化、经验丰富的翻译团队,由专业图形设计师和桌面排版人员组成的富有经验的DTP团队,对各类打印资料(如使用手册)进行版面设计和排版输出。我们的服务几乎涉及了所有业界标准的出版工具,包括QuarkXpress,Pagemaker,Framemaker,Photoshop和Adobe Illustrator等。翻译团队铸造了我们一流的翻译质量,价格低、质量好是超越娱乐公司的最大特点。优质、专业、诚信是超越娱乐公司的服务理念,也是超越娱乐公司成功的重要保证。秉承着服务于客户的宗旨,我们严格执行质量控制体系、规范的业务流程与审核标准,为每一位客户提供专业、优质、高效、多元化的翻译服务。的经营理念就是“两个充分相信”,一是充分相信客户,二是充分相信翻译人员。相信客户就是坚信客户的眼睛是雪亮的,客户有很强的分辨能力,你的产品(翻译水平)质量如何,客户最有发言权。实践是检验一切的标准,客户是产品质量的考官,客户是翻译水平的质检员。你越充分相信客户,客户越是无限信赖你。我们的译员严谨求实,精益求精,为客户提供尽善尽美的翻译。因此,我们是每一位客户值得信赖的长期合作伙伴。选择超越娱乐公司,就是选择放心!

Transcendent entertainment has a systematic, professional and experienced translation team, and an experienced DTP team composed of professional graphic designers and desktop typesetters, which can print all kinds of materials (such as user manuals) for layout design and typesetting output. Our service covers almost all the industry standard of publishing tools, including QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Framemaker, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, etc. The translation team has cast our first-class translation quality, the price is low, the quality is the biggest characteristic which surpasses the entertainment companyQuality, professionalism and integrity are not only the service concept of the entertainment company, but also the important guarantee of the success of the entertainment company. Adhering to the purpose of serving customers, we strictly implement quality control system, standardized business processes and auditing standards, and provide professional, high-quality, efficient and diversified translation services for every customer. The business philosophy is “two full beliefs”. One is full belief in customers, the other is full belief in translators. Believe in customers is to firmly believe that the eyes of customers are bright, customers have a strong ability to distinguish, your product (translation level) quality, customers have the most say. Practice is the standard to test everything. Customers are the examiners of product quality and the quality inspectors of translation level. The more you trust your customers, the more they trust you. Our interpreters are rigorous and realistic, and strive for excellence to provide customers with perfect translation. Therefore, we are a trustworthy long-term partner for every customer. Choosing to go beyond entertainment companies is choosing to rest assured!
Are involved in the translation IT, communication, electric power, electronics, economic, legal, trade, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, medicine, automobile, websites, contracts, software, environmental, agricultural, biochemical, law, literature, aviation, architecture, biology, computer, papermaking, textile, aviation, food, water conservancy, water and electricity, energy, and so on. Technical materials, software, training materials, magazines, consumer guides, brochures, financial reports and business letters.




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